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Has anyone else felt personally victimized by their wedding planning checklist on The Knot? You’re one week away and girl, it’s time to CHILL. If the thought of this gives you immediate anxiety, keep reading to learn what self care ideas you can incorporate into your wedding week and download our graphic to have on your phone for the week before!

Download the free graphic to your phone from Pinterest by clicking here!!

1. Delegate the last minute things (they’re called bridesmaids for a reason :-) )

2. Get a hydrating facial or massage

3. Get your nails done (alone or with your bridesmaids)

4. Grab your favorite drink, music/tv show, & take a bubble bath

5. Move your body - go on a walk outside, dance around, run, or yoga.

6. Make time for a coffee date with your fiancé & talk about how excited you are to start your life together

7. Journal your thoughts & feelings about this week, so you can look back and remember this season in the future!

8. Sleep (the most important self care activity you can do this week)

Here are some of my favorite places around the 417/things for this list above!

I love the services from Acacia Spa for facials and massages! My bubble bath typically includes an episode New Girl, lavender bath salts from Lavender Falls Farm, and a glass of red wine. If I’m feeling extra motivated to move my body (aka sweat my face off), I’ll always choose a community hot yoga class at Pure Hot Yoga. If I go on a coffee date with my love in the morning, we’re going to European Cafe and ordering a hazelnut latte. If we go on a coffee date at night, we’re going to Eurasia Coffee (soooo cozy and romantic at night) and I’m ordering a peppermint tea with honey.

Relax girl, you’ve almost made it. This is it. Enjoy it :)

xx the evermore girls


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