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As a bridal shop, we know one thing to be true about brides... they love to be prepared & know what to expect. A common question we hear when booking a bridal appointment for a bride is, "Is there anything specific I need to wear or bring to my appointment?" And there actually IS! Along with a cute little white outfit (if that's your vibe) here are some tips of what to wear that will help you while wedding dress shopping.

Nude or White


When shopping for your wedding dress, it can be a big distraction for you to see hot pink underwear peeking through your dresses's silk fabric. Most wedding dresses you try on at Evermore are lined, which means there's not a big chance of seeing through any fabric too much, but it can still happen occasionally. It's best to choose underwear in a nude or white tone that won't distract from the details of a dress you're trying on. It's even more helpful if you choose garments that are seamless to avoid any extra lines, especially if you plan on trying more fitted styles or dresses in a silk, satin, or crepe material. Also, if you know you'll want to wear a specific kind of shape wear under your dress, bring this along to make sure you feel comfortable in it and that it looks right with the type of dress you choose.

Comfortability & Ease

A tip we always recommend is choosing to wear an outfit that is both comfortable and easy to slip on and off while changing. This moment is meant to be nothing but fun, relaxing, and exciting for you. Most brides decide to celebrate after or before their bridal appointments as well, which could mean brunch for a few hours before, dinner or drinks afterwards, or both! It can turn into a pretty long day, so choosing to wear an outfit (and shoes) that you feel good in for a long period of time and that is easy for you to take off during your appointment is always a good idea.

Wedding Accessories

A lot of brides wait until they choose the dress before shopping for accessories, but sometimes a pair of earrings, a veil, wedding shoes, or other jewelry is passed down through the family and a bride knows she will be wearing it no matter what dress she chooses. In this case, bring along the accessories! It's so helpful to be able to envision the entire picture as a whole, not to mention the sweet sentiment it can add to the moment you find your dress, so if you know you'll be wearing grandma's pearl earrings, let's make sure you try them on & love how they look with your dress! If you do not have any specific wedding accessories chosen just yet, we suggest wearing minimal jewelry that won't distract you from the details of the wedding dresses you are trying on. Evermore also has earrings, hairpieces, veils, and other bridal accessories you can play around with once you decide on THE dress to complete your wedding-day-look.

Light Makeup

If you are a makeup wearer, consider choosing a more natural/subtle makeup look for your bridal appointment. This will help you focus on the dress itself instead of being distracted by bold colors that you might not be wearing on your wedding day, while still helping you feel put together and confident if makeup is something you typically wear. Also, sometimes makeup can get wiped off or smudged when trying on dresses and can rub off onto the dress's fabric which is super distracting while trying to decide if you love a dress or not. Opt for a lighter makeup look that still makes you feel beautiful & confident.

A Bra of Your Choice

Seriously, wear anything you want. At Evermore, almost every dress you try on actually has bra cups sewn into it, so we actually recommend that you slip off your bra when trying on the dresses to avoid seeing any extra straps, colors, or lines that won't typically be there on your wedding day. You can rest assured that you'll have all the support you need with these bra cups & we can even suggest more options that can be added in your alterations if you'd like additional padding in your dress - who doesn't love NOT having to wear a bra?!

So there you have it! Now you can feel prepared & know what to expect when you shop at Evermore for your wedding dress. We can't wait to help you find the one!

xx the evermore girls


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