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Hey brides-to-be! We usually talk all things bridal and fun, but today we are getting down to business and talking about budgeting for your wedding (which is not that fun, but we promise it leads to you having fun later!) Budgeting for a wedding can be very overwhelming. There are a lot of things, big and little, that go into the wedding day. We know a good budget brings peace of mind and makes the wedding process so much more enjoyable! It also protects you from falling in love with venues, vendors, and dresses (of course) that will cause you to feel financially overwhelmed. We have created a list of our best tips for making the perfect budget for your special day!


Determine what aspects of the wedding are most important to you and your future hubby! Is it the venue, the photography, the food, your dress, or something else? Make a list of these top items and allocate a larger portion of your budget to these aspects of your wedding! This allows you to really be able to invest in what is most important to you while also being able to save money on the things you don't value quite as much!


Decide on the total amount you're willing to spend on your wedding. It is so important to be realistic and consider what is best financially for you! This is also the time to figure out who may be contributing as well. Make sure to add that money to the total budget as well (and thank them for the generosity of course)! Having this overarching total budget will be so helpful when you are comparing prices of vendors, decorations, and hair and makeup for your big day!


Make a comprehensive budget spreadsheet that includes all wedding-related expenses from the venue and catering to attire, flowers, and entertainment. This can seem like a lot but it really helps you see the all of the details that you need to allocate your money to. In this detailed budget, don't forget to add in the hidden costs like taxes and gratuities. These are things that can add up fast!


Categorize your budget into major expense categories like venue, catering, dress & attire, photography, decor, entertainment, and miscellaneous. Make sure to allocate a percentage of your budget to each category. This helps you to be able to see what percentage of your budget is going where.


A wedding planner is an added expense, but they will help you save money in the long run! Wedding planners are experienced and have connections in the industry at a variety of price points. They are also able to take your vision and your budget to bring the wedding of your dreams to life! A great wedding planner is going to be able to help you make cost-effective decisions, negotiate with vendors, and manage your budget more efficiently.


Research is so important! Spend time reaching out and getting quotes or estimates for multiple different vendors. Not only that, but consider and compare quality as well as their reviews! You want to make sure that you are hiring people that are going to give you great quality and amazing customer service!


Doing some DIY projects will allow you to spend more on your top priority things for your wedding! Some of the best things to DIY are wedding decor, invitations, and favors! Of course don't overwhelm yourself with too many, but a few projects here or there can allow you to splurge on what you want!


What many brides don't know is that there are so many amazing rental companies that you can use for those items you will not want to keep! This is great when it comes to table decor, place settings, signs, and more. You can usually rent them at a huge discount, and it allows you not to worry about where to sell or store them after the wedding.

Remember that your wedding is a celebration of your love, and the most important thing is to enjoy the day with your husband and loved ones! Budgeting can seem very overwhelming, but it is meant to relieve stress and make the process more enjoyable!

Have your budget finalized and ready to find your dream dress with us? We can't wait to help you shop!

xx the evermore girls


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