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Okay. Here us out. 2023 wedding dress trends are absolutely hitting! It’s so fun getting to see what’s new each year and what our brides fall in love with, and 2023 has some of the most fun and unique wedding dress trends we’ve seen so far! If you’re a trendy bride who’s looking for something fun, beautiful, & unique, you’ll love these trends. Stay to the end and let us know in the comments which trend you’re loving the most and which trend you’re leaving behind!

1. Pointed Strapless

She’s subtle, sexy, and modern as heck… she’s the pointed strapless neckline! A fresh take on the traditional straight-across strapless neckline, the pointed strapless neck adds a bit of flare and femininity while still bringing the elegant and classic look of the straight-across neck. Some of our favorite styles at Evermore with a pointed strapless neckline are Garance by Watters and Brooks by Wtoo.

2. Dramatic Leg Slits

Such a FUN detail & truly the best way to show off the shoes, am I right? Leg slits in wedding dresses have been around for a long time, but never before have we seen them so dramatic and honestly, we’re team drama! Giving equal parts glamour & spice, dramatic leg slits in 2023 can be seen as a bold detail on a minimal, sleek dress or as a seamless addition to an elaborately beaded & detailed dress. Some of our favorite styles at Evermore with dramatic leg slits are Tate by Evie Young, Sorvete by Willowby, Isabel by Aria Bride, and Archie by Evie Young.

3. Detachable details

The best alternative to wearing two different dresses on your wedding day is wearing a dress that has two looks in one! And that is achieved by glorious detachable details! We’re talking about detachable sleeves, shoulder wings, bows, overskirts, straps, & more. Really the possibilities are endless with these details which is the beauty in this trend - not only do you get two looks out of your dress, but you also get the opportunity to personalize your wedding day look a little with these fun details that won’t be found on everyone’s wedding dress. Some of our favorite styles at Evermore with detachable details are Elsie by Made With Love (detachable shoulder bows), Brynn by Evie Young (detachable wings-coming soon to Evermore), and Winter by Made With Love (detachable long sleeves).

4. Pearls

We’re not talking about your grandma’s pearls here (no offense gma)… we’re talking pearls in all the most unexpected and wonderful places on your wedding dress! Pearls are such a fun and popular option for the modern bride because they add the perfect amount of subtle beading and detail to your dress & while still giving that classic bridal feel without feeling too traditional. We’re seeing pearls in so many different ways - covering the entire dress, along seam lines, decorating bodices, paired on top of lace appliques, and so much more. Some of our favorite styles at Evermore with pearl details are Eve from Evie Young (covered in pearls, pearl belt, and pearl shoulder bows), Kendall by Made with Love (cross lace design with pearls decorated throughout), Sydney by Evie Young (pearls along seam lines, down the sides, and covering the train), and pearl gloves from Made With Love.

5. Bold Floral Appliques

Floral lace has been around forever when it comes to details on your wedding dress, let’s be real, but 2023 is bringing this trend in such a whimsical, romantic way. 3D appliques that stick off the dress is what you can expect this year. Adding dimension, interest, and a natural, effortless feel is what you’re getting from these floral appliques. Whether you’re going for a completely whimsical garden-party vibe or a minimal modern vibe, you’ll find that these bold floral appliques are a must for your wedding dress! Some of our favorite styles at Evermore with bold floral appliques are Pippa by Aria Bride, Alessandra by Willowby (coming soon to Evermore), Posie by Made With Love, & Mimi by Evie Young (coming soon to Evermore).

6. Transparency

A trend we are completely head-over-heels for is transparency - whether it’s sheer layering, tulle sleeves or off the shoulder straps, gloves, or an unlined bodice, this 2023 trend is coming in hot & winning over brides’ hearts more and more each day. Transparency adds interest and the beautiful, ethereal effect that is so sought after. Some of our favorite styles at Evermore with transparency are Pippa by Made with Love, Mira by Evie Young, Zoie by Evie Young, and Cameron by Made with Love.

7. Color

Nothing makes a statement more than a bold color choice in a tradition of white! Don’t worry, it can be subtle & very tasteful by choosing a colored underlay such as blush or gray, or weaving in some colored lace details to your ivory dress. It’s so fun to see the unique ways our designers are incorporating color and stepping out of tradition - we’re all about breaking a few traditions to make room for your own style when it comes to your wedding day. Some of our favorite styles at Evermore with colored details are Olena by Willowby (blue floral lace), Jolie by Evie Young (mauve underlay), Sierra by Evie Young (in story as ivory, but available to order in antique blush), and Dream by Wtoo (dark nude underlay-coming soon to Evermore).

So there you have it, trendy brides! Let us know in the comments below which trend you love the most and which trend you’re leaving behind. We know your wedding day look will be absolutely perfect, as long as it embodies YOU. Interested in shopping these trends? Come see us. We promise, you'll fall in love!

xx the evermore girls


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