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Hello Evermore Brides! As you may have noticed from our Instagram, we have started offering Evermore Exclusive appointments! We created this appointment with our brides in mind, but little did we know how much we personally would enjoy them too! Every part of the appointment is carefully considered and intentionally curated for YOU! Here's a little inside look at what you can expect at your Evermore Exclusive appointment!


This upgraded appointment is specifically designed for the bride who wants to soak up the "say yes" celebration a bit more. It is not every day that you get to shop for your perfect dress with the people that mean the very most to you. There is so much excitement during dress shopping that it can feel like the time just flies by. The Evermore Exclusive appointment allows you to slow down and take it all in. If you are ready for the ultimate girls day experience, this appointment is for you!


An extra 30 minutes to shop:

A typical bridal appointment is an hour and a half, but with your Evermore Exclusive appointment, you get a full two hours to shop! This allows you to try on a few more dresses, take breaks and eat some yummy snacks, and soak in some extra time in THE dress! We want you to feel relaxed and enjoy every moment of the dress shopping process!

Two additional guests:

Due to our uniquely intimate loft space, we typically can accommodate you plus six guests. With the Evermore Exclusive appointment, we rearrange our comfy couch and cozy chairs to allow for you plus eight special people! We want you to be able to enjoy this time and share in this amazing experience with those you love most. We love meeting you and your close family and friends!

The whole shop all to yourself:

We want this moment to be all about YOU! That is why we reserve the entire shop just for your appointment! This means no stress, no chaos, and just you and your favorite people! We want this to be a calm and stress free experience for you. We love getting to give you the whole space to yourself :)

Chocolate covered strawberries:

Honestly, this alone is reason enough to book our Evermore Exclusive appointment (lol). Brides

get to enjoy the yummiest, most beautiful chocolate covered strawberries from Your Sweet Kravings! When you book an Evermore Exclusive appointment, you'll have your choice of your two favorite colors & type of chocolate and Your Sweet Kravings will prepare the most amazing chocolate covered strawberries custom to you! They are beautiful to look at and so perfect to snack on during your appointment!

Charcuterie board & drink of your choice:

It can't be the ultimate shopping experience without snacks and drinks! We love getting to put together a beautiful and tasty charcuterie board for our brides and their group to snack on! Each charcuterie is unique and especially yummy. You will get a mix of specialty meats, cheeses, crackers, and fruits that everyone is sure to love! Not to mention, you also get to decide on your drink of choice! You can choose Evermore's signature champagne, white wine, rose, or sparkling lemonade!

Polaroid camera:

You of course have to document this amazing experience! With the Evermore Exclusive appointment, you'll have access to a full set of film and our Polaroid camera! You can take as many pictures as you want and take them home as a keepsake! We'll keep one of your photos as well to hang up on our Evermore Exclusive Bride wall as a sweet memory of getting to help you find your dress :)

Say YES while listening to your favorite music:

At Evermore, we know how important music is! It can set the tone for your whole experience! We love our signature playlist, but we also love getting to play the music that is unique to you. During the Evermore Exclusive appointment, you get to listen to your favorite type of music and/or favorite artist because let's be honest, the "say YES" vibes have got to be just right ;-)

Can you tell that we love these upgraded appointments? Haha! They truly are so special & fun for everyone and will leave you with the sweetest memories of the day you found your perfect dress!

Sound like the perfect dress shopping day for you? Book your Evermore Exclusive appointment today! We can't wait to celebrate with you!

xx the evermore girls


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