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Hey brides-to-be! We talk a lot about wedding dresses on our blog (I can we not?), but today we are going to switch it up a little bit and talk about the very loved and adored bridesmaid dresses. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses can prove to be harder than it seems. There is a lot to consider such as budget, color, style, fit, and much more. We also know you want your bridesmaids to love what they are wearing too. With that, we are going to give you the rundown of the current and future bridesmaids trends, what wedding dress looks best with each, and where to find them!


First, let's talk about the most common bridesmaid look, the "Classic" when your dresses are the same style and same color. This gives a very seamless and uniform look to your wedding party.

Choosing this option allows you to be able to pick the exact color that you want to be accented next to you in all of the pictures and during the ceremony. If you choose to go with the "Classic" look, the main thing you want to keep in mind is to pick a style that is flattering to all body types. You want your bridesmaids to look and feel comfortable and confident!

If you have bridesmaids with very different body types, you can also put a little spin on this classic look.

This is done by having them all in the same color, but letting them pick their individual styles. This adds a little more interest to the eye, while still keeping them matching in color.

Consider choosing the "Classic" bridesmaid look if your wedding dress is more bold or detailed. This allows for a very beautiful contrast between you and your bridal party. Some of the best places to find these kinds of bridesmaid dresses are online retailers like Birdy Gray and Azazie. These websites allow you to pick out the color that you desire while also letting your bridesmaids browse through and select the dress that they will feel the most comfortable and confident in!


One of the more fashion forward options you can do is the "Floral" bridesmaids dress. This has quickly become one of our favorite bridesmaids looks for 2024.

Floral bridesmaids dresses add a little bit more fun and texture to the overall look of your wedding. If you select the "Floral" option while keeping all of your bridesmaids in the same dress, we would recommend finding a solid color dress (that is within your color palette) with white accent flowers. This allows for added texture and interest, but also compliments your bridal look in a beautiful way.

The "Floral" bridesmaid look is perfect for the bride who has chosen to wear a more sleek and simple dress. This allows you to really stand out against the patterns in your bridal party. With these floral dresses, it's best to think outside the box on where to find them. We recommend checking out the online retailers that you know and love. Sometimes a long and beautiful sundress from Petal and Pup or Show Me Your Mumu can turn into the perfect bridesmaids dress.


This is the bridesmaid look that we believe we'll be seeing the most in 2024. This style is not for the faint of heart because it takes a lot of time and attention to perfect. Trust us when we say that when done right, it is BEAUTIFUL! The "Mix and Match" option combines "the Classic" and "the Floral" while simultaneously adding in texture, ruffles, and various lengths. This bridal look is bold and fun and allows your bridesmaids to show off their individual style. The "Mix and Match" option is one that makes a statement with multi-colors, patterns, & design elements.

The "Mix and Match" bridesmaid look is perfect for a bride who has chosen a more simplistic wedding dress such as a crepe or satin dress.

When it comes to finding dresses for this out-of-the-box style, it is important to get creative about where you're searching. Consider checking popular online retailers, local boutiques, and even well known department stores! The best thing to do is starting with one dress that you love and continue to curate the bridesmaid dress collection from there.

Whatever bridesmaid dress option you decide, make sure it compliments YOU and YOUR wedding vision. Not to mention, the Evermore girls are always more than happy to talk you through what bridesmaids dresses will look best with the wedding dress that you say YES to!

Don't forget though, you have to find your dress first! :)

xx the evermore girls

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