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A bride wearing a simple white wedding dress sitting on a couch with nude heels and pearl gloves.

We'd all agree that your wedding day is one of the most special, most anticipated days of your life. It's the day where you get to marry your favorite person in the world and begin your life together. If you ask us... one of the most important aspects of the day is, of course, your wedding dress! Choosing the perfect dress can be overwhelming. It can feel like you're holding in a huge breath of air & trying so hard not freak out until you finally put that one dress on; the one that just makes sense. It fits your wedding vision perfectly, you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle in it to meet your love, you feel beautiful and confident and understood, and you can finally let out that big breath you've been holding in & feel the relief that comes with saying "yes" to your wedding dress. If I just described how you are feeling or how you imagine yourself feeling about shopping for your dress.. keep reading. this one's for you :) It's one thing to choose a wedding dress, but we're only really interested in helping you choose the PERFECT wedding dress. So here's some tips to help you do that...


A bride wedding dress shopping while wearing a lace wedding dress.

First off, your bridal stylist is your new best friend. Trust this girl with everything! She knows these styles, designers, fabrics, silhouettes, and details like the back of her hand. Seriously. She's walked brides through confusion, overwhelm, stress, fear, and has partnered with every beautiful bride in her vulnerability as she searches for the most important outfit of her life. Your stylist is here for YOU. It's her job to listen to your heart as you share about all the dream details and vision of your wedding day. She's there to guide you to the dress that best fits your wedding dream and offer her expertise on customizations and details you might've

never imagined possible, give advice as you shop that always comes back to your

wedding vision, and celebrate the heck outta you. That's it. So trust her. She's got your back.


A bride wearing a white wedding dress and holding a bouquet of pink, yellow, and orange flowers.

Whether you've got multiple Pinterest boards filled with endless wedding inspiration or all you really know is that you want to have a simple, sweet day of celebrating, YOU GOTTA KNOW YOUR WEDDING VISION. The reason why this is so important in finding the perfect dress is because with every single dress you try on, asking yourself if it fits your overall wedding vision is what will direct your decision. I promise you, you are about to try on so many beautiful dresses, but if it doesn't feel like you and embody all that you've dreamt of for this day, it is not the perfect dress for you. It's all about knowing your vision & finding the dress that fits it. Your wedding vision can be anything - the way you want the day to feel, the color palette, the style of the venue and decorations - as long as it's you. Your wedding day is all about celebrating the commitment you and your love are making to each other and it's the best opportunity to share your love story together, so make sure your wedding vision reflects you.


Taking the wedding vision one step future... the location and setting of your wedding will also play a big role in determining the style of dress that will be perfect for you. For example, if you're having an outdoor wedding at the beach, you might want to consider a dress that is lightweight and flowy with a shorter train, whereas if you're having a more formal wedding at an indoor venue, a more structured and elegant dress might be better suited for the look you're going for. Bonus points for booking your venue/date before your dress appointment - this makes the dress search process so much simpler because you will be able to actually envision yourself at that specific venue in each dress you try on.


A bride wearing a simple wedding dress that is fitted and white.

Every bride is wonderfully and beautifully unique and has a different body shape. Some may have an hourglass figure, while others may be more petite or have a pear-shaped figure. Knowing your body shape will help you find a dress that flatters your figure and most importantly, accentuates your best & most favorite features! You know, the ones that your fiance is absolutely obsessed with (helllllllo curves!) For example, a ball gown style can help to accentuate your waistline and create a beautiful hourglass silhouette, while a fitted style can be perfect for highlighting curves and elongating your body. Your stylist (remember tip #1;-) knows all the things when it comes to finding the best silhouettes for highlighting your fave features, so just have an open mind & be ready to feel like the absolute QUEEN that you are.


Obviously, personal style is SO crucial when choosing the perfect wedding dress. This ties into your wedding vision, but it's even more specific to you personally. You want to choose a dress that reflects who you are, embodies exactly how you've dreamt of feeling on your day, and that you feel your most confident self in. If you're a minimalist at heart, a sleek and modern dress may be more your style. If you love all things glam, a dress with lace details and a bit of sparkle is probably more you. If you're someone who loves to feel one-of-a-kind, details like fun sleeves, overskirts, or removable straps could be a great solution to adding a little something unique and personal to your dress. We can't stress enough that this is all about you, so think about who you are, what you like, & let your personal style be incorporated in your wedding day look. We promise it will be the perfect dress for you if you do.

A bride wearing a white wedding dress with fun unique sleeves that are made with tulle material.

So there you go! There are all the pieces you need to help you choose the PERFECT dress for you. We can't wait for you to find it! Want to shop with one of those amazing, trusted stylists we mentioned? You're just a click away. :)

xx the evermore girls


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