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We had the honor & privilege of getting to help our sweet Evermore Bride, Lauren, find her wedding dress back in July of 2022. We loved getting to know her, her wedding dreams, and her love story so much that we decided you should hear it too... so here is an inside look at Lauren's story.

Lauren and her husband first met when they were 14 in their student ministry. They had close mutual friends, but were never close to each other until their junior and senior year of college when they started to bumping into each other more. The rest was history from there! They dated for a little over a year and were engaged for seven months, and got married in February of 2023. We wanted all the deets about how Spencer proposed, and Lauren was happy to share...

"The way he proposed was the sweetest thing! I was genuinely surprised! He convinced my work to tell me that we needed a new team picture, and so we had a plan to take it on a Saturday afternoon and we could bring our families or significant others with us for lunch afterwards! So, we went to a park called Osage Park, where we had one of our first dates, and we were walking on the trail and I saw rose petals laid out with a carpet at the end and I immediately thought “oh no we’re walking onto someone’s engagement, we gotta get out of here.” But Spencer kept walking :) and I said “is this for us?” And he said “yes!” And he proposed!!! And afterwards we got to have brunch and ride on take an airplane ride over beaver lake! It was one of the best days ever!"

Lauren described their wedding style as "very natural, simple, but romantic! We had a lot of natural greenery, simple white roses, with accents of black and gold! Our venue had a beautiful white chapel, and we only had a simple cross at the end of the aisle because we wanted to highlight how beautiful the chapel was on its own and remember that the focus of this day was to bring the Lord glory!"

When asked how she felt before wedding dress shopping, Lauren told us that she "was just excited!" She booked the appointment with us at Evermore the day after she got engaged because it was the thing about wedding planning that she was most excited to do. She said she grew up watching 27 Dresses, The Proposal, Say Yes to the Dress, and Four Weddings— so she was so excited to do it herself!

We wanted the scoop on how Lauren felt while dress shopping & of course how she felt when the found THE dress, so when asked about how her shopping experience went, she said "Evermore was the best!!! My consultant, Renae, felt like a friend. She supported me, gave me her opinion when I begged her for it (haha), and just made me feel so beautiful and bridal! They made me feel like I was the most special, by giving me a variety of dresses and just being so genuine throughout the whole experience!" We also needed to know how she knew her dress was THE dress because that's the big question, am I right? Lauren knew her dress was the one because because "it felt so natural!" She also mentioned, "in all honesty, I could’ve walked away with three other dresses and had been just as happy because they were all so beautiful! But this dress in particular was comfortable, made me feel beautiful in my body, and had a timeless factor that I loved!" Lauren chose Jean by Scout Bridal for her dress, and really, we would have to agree with all of those statements she said, I mean just look at how she's glowing!!!

We love to know what brought a bride to our little downtown loft & what drew her to our collection of styles, & Lauren said she chose to shop at Evermore and ultimately get her dress from here because "I wanted a dress that was timeless! And all your dresses had a timeless feel BUT with a twist! Always a unique factor and I loved that! So, the fact that Evermore was timeless yet unique was why I came to get my dress with you!" Two words that truly describe Lauren on her special day are "timeless" and "unique" :)

There can be so many misconceptions or false expectations around wedding dress shopping. We were curious to know if Lauren felt any of these before shopping at Evermore and she shared, "I thought I would be more stressed or had felt a bunch of pressure when picking out my wedding dress! But because of Renae, my family, and how I understood that I could be happy in just about any dress because they were all so pretty and timeless! I ended up just really enjoying myself and having a blast!"

Lauren's advice & encouragement From One Evermore Bride To Another is "don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find THE dress. All dresses are so beautiful and when it comes down to it, it’s all about you getting to marry the love of your life!"

Congratulations, beautiful Evermore Bride, Lauren! We are so happy for you and Spencer :)

xx the evermore girls

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