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We had the honor & privilege of getting to help our sweet Evermore Bride, Kali, find her wedding dress back in September of 2022. We loved getting to know her, her wedding dreams, and her love story so much that we decided you should hear it too... so here is an inside look at Kali's story.

Kali met her husband Cameron at homeschool co-op when they were in 7th and 8th grade. "We’ve been together since we were 13 and 14 and it feels like we’ve grown up together especially after graduating middle school, high school, and now college together." Cameron decided to pop the question at the beautiful Fellows Lake. He lined the path through the woods to the proposal spot with string lights and candles. It lead to an adorable set up with pictures of them together, old bouquets he had gotten Kali over the years, and a speaker with their song playing. To make it even more special, after he proposed, all of their family and friends came running out from behind the trees to congratulate them!

We were so excited to know all of the details of the vision that Kali had for her wedding day. She said that the feel she was going for was a boho fairytale wedding. She decided to use the colors rust, terra cotta, blush pink, and mustard yellow. For the flowers, she incorporated these colors with pampas grass and greenery. "I wanted it to be soft and as if I was floating through the day with the person I loved most." Her vendors did an amazing job at making this vision come to life. "From the fairytale florals and delicate leaf lace on my dress to the boho backdrops and all different colored bridesmaid dresses, my vision came to life just how I have pictured it for so many years."

As well all know, finding your dream dress can bring on a lot of different feelings. Kali talked about how she was excited and intimidated all at the same time. She was worried about how long it might take to find or if she would be able to find a dress that reached all of her expectations. She talked about how she went in with a false expectation that she would never be able to find the perfect dress. As soon as she started shopping though, all of the pressure went away and the excitement of it all really took over. She said that as soon as she walked into Evermore, she knew she would find her dress. "The team was so welcoming and kind and helped me pick out styles that really felt like me. I ended up buying the very first dress I tried on! I tried on 5 more styles after the original dress, but none of them compared to how I felt in the first dress. During the appointment, the evermore girls hyped me up, helped clip the dress to make me feel the most comfortable, and made me feel like the star of the show for the day. Their friendly smiles helped me to relax and just enjoy the experience. They made it an experience I’ll never forget and I will always have such fond memories of the day I bought THE dress." She not only found a dress that was beautiful and exceeded all of her expectations, but she also added custom sleeves to make it everything she dreamed of and more.

Brides will always ask us as how they are supposed to know that the dress is THE dress. We thought it would be great to ask Kali how she knew, and we think she had the perfect answer. The dress that she picked was actually the first dress she tried on! It can seem crazy, but that is actually the case for many of our Evermore brides! Kali said she knew it was her dress because she compared every other dress she tried on to it (this is a HUGE sign that it is THE dress). She felt like such a bride and she could not wait to show it to her husband on their wedding day! Kali also talked about how important it is to bring people who know you well to your appointment. "They can help you know what looks and feels the most you which takes a lot of pressure off."

We love to know what brought our brides to our little downtown loft & what really stood out about our curated collection of dresses. Kali talked about how she had heard so many amazing things about Evermore that she had planned on visiting us years before she was even engaged. She got the chance to watch her friends find their dream dress with us and said they walked down the isle practically glowing.

"They always looked and felt so beautiful in their dress and I knew I wanted to have that same experience on my wedding day. After visiting Evermore the first time, I knew that’s where I would end up buying my dress because of the endless unique dresses, the

unparalleled customer service, and the way I felt when I was in the shop. I felt like I was writing my fairytale and I couldn’t have been more right. I recommend Evermore x1,000!"

Kali's advice & encouragement From One Evermore Bride to Another is, "To not to get too stuck on what you thought you would want when you first walked in. It’s okay to love several different styles even if it’s not what you thought you’d end up in! Trying on multiple styles not only helps you find what you do like, but also helps you to realize certain things you don’t want in a dress. Don’t get discouraged if the first few just don’t feel right because when you do finally find the one for you, trust me, it will all be worth it."

We loved getting to help you find your dress, Kali! Congratulations, Evermore Bride! We are so happy for you and Cameron!

xx the evermore girls

Are you ready to have your dress vision come to life?

Come on in, we can't wait to help you shop!

(Kali's vendor team)

Photographer: Asantae Haanstad

Video: Sam Cochnran

Flowers: Charity Bennitt

Planning & Coordination: Veil & Veinlys Events


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