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We had the honor & privilege of getting to help our sweet Evermore Bride, Ashlyn, find her wedding dress back in October of 2021. We loved getting to know her, her wedding dreams, and her love story so much that we decided you should hear it too... so here is an inside look at Ashlyn's story.

Ashlyn met her husband Brendan in 2019 through Young Life. They were friends for a few years until early spring of 2021. That is when they decided to go on their first date! They quickly knew that "it would be a hoot" spending the rest of their lives together. Brendan proposed at Elephant Rock State Park in the Fall of 2021. Ashlyn said, "He actually was digging in his bag for the ring and couldn't get to it. So, I started to catch on just a little bit in that moment!"

We were so excited to know all about Ashlyn's vision for her wedding. She mentioned that she was a little indecisive, but when thinking about her and Brendan she wanted something fun, a little neutral, and a hint of boho. With that in mind, she decided to go with peaches, oranges, and light neutrals. For the venue, they decided to go with Industrial Grove because they loved the outdoor ceremony space with the black backdrop (and we have to agree that the outdoor space is amazing).

It is super common to have all the feelings when shopping for your wedding dress. Ashlyn told us that she was super excited and that it felt very surreal. She was a little undecided on what direction she wanted to go dress wise, but knew that Evermore had a wide selection of styles that she would like. Ashlyn brought her close friends, niece, sister, and mom to come and help her shop. She loved the fact that she was able to walk around, look at the whole selection, and pick out any and every dress she wanted to try on. She described Evermore's atmosphere as "peaceful and fun." We were curious to see what Ashlyn thought she would choose, and she told us that, "I actually had two appointments! Emma, helped pick out new options based on my likings of dresses I tried on. The trend at the time was boho and lace and I thought that was the route I wanted to go. I thought I had found the dress.... BUT, next appointment with Madison, I decided to take a complete 180 and go with a lively, modern dress and away from lace. I knew going into my second appointment, what dress I wanted right away. So, as I tried on dresses (again haha) and we saved the one I knew I wanted for last. And boom, I found my dress and I felt so confident in it and like I could have a party!"

At Evermore, we experience many different reactions when brides find THE one. Ashlyn wanted to make sure to let other brides know that you don't have to cry. "I did not cry, but deeply inside I just felt pure joy and excitement." It is funny that she mentioned that because we run into many brides with that exact same expectation. What we have come to find is that if you don't typically cry, you might not cry when you find your wedding dress, and that is okay! We love to see all of your "say YES" emotions, so keep em' coming!

We love to know what brought a bride to our little downtown loft & what drew her to our collection of styles. So when we asked Ashlyn this she said, "I just knew. Each dress just felt handpicked and you aren't just another bride walking through the door! It was just intentional (and the place itself is veryyyyyy aesthetic). The atmosphere is just perfect and the experience is unique to the bride!"

Ashlyn's advice & encouragement From One Evermore Bride to Another is, "Don't let trends affect your decision! When it came time for me to try on my dress, I pictured who Brendan and I were as a couple and honestly a dress that was playful and simple reflected more of how we wanted our wedding to be!"

We loved getting to help you find your dress, Ashlyn! Congratulations, Evermore Bride! We are so happy for you and Brendan!

xx the evermore girls

Ready to find your dress at Evermore? Come on in, we can't wait to help you shop!

(Ashlyn's vendor team)

Photographer: Tatum Nelson


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