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It's not everyday that you shop for a wedding dress! We know that it can be very overwhelming walking into an appointment. You probably have a million things going through your head like... what style do you like? What fit looks best? What matches your wedding vision? Above all, you might be confused on what we like to call... bridal lingo. These are words that we use in the bridal industry that are not used in everyday language. The last thing we want you to be is intimidated by all of these new terms! Of course you can come into your appointment without knowing these and we are always more than willing to break them down. But, if you are a "type A" bride who likes to be over prepared, this is for you!


Consultation - this is your 1:1 meeting with your stylist where you discuss your wedding details, desired styles, price range, show dress inspo pics, learn about Evermore’s designers, lead time, and customization options

Wedding vision - your overall desired style, vibe, or feeling of your wedding day. Could include your venue, colors, size of wedding, etc.

Trunk Show - an event hosted at Evermore where a single designer is highlighted for the week, extra dresses from that designer are brought in for that event only (you also will get 10% off if you purchase from that designer)

Discontinued - when a designer decides to stop making a specific style of dress and it can no longer be ordered

Sample - dresses at Evermore that are just available to try on during the appointment, not take home with you the same day

Sample Sale - and event where we sell the sample dresses off the rack at Evermore that are discontinued and can no longer be ordered. these dresses are ones you take home that same day

Special Order - after trying on sample dresses at your appointment, we take your measurements and send a special order to our designers for your dress to be created

Lead Time - the time it takes to receive your special order after ordering, can take between 4-6 months standard shipping or 1-3 months with rush shipping.


Silhouette - the overall shape of the dress

A-line - a shape of dress that is fitted on the bodice and waist with a flowy skirt

Ballgown - a shape of dress that is fitted on the bodice and waist with a poofy skirt

Sheath - a shape of dress that is straight and slimming, not hugging any particular part of the body

Fit and Flare - a shape of dress that is fitted on the bodice, waist, and hips and starts to flow out at the knee


Seamstress - the person who performs alterations on your dress

Fitting - the name of the appointment with a seamstress where you try on your wedding dress and any alteration is pinned or marked. Sometimes brides can have 2-3 fittings with the seamstress until the dress is perfect

Bustle - an alteration created by the seamstress that hooks or buttons the train of your dress up onto itself so that it is not in the way of dancing or moving at your reception

Boning - plastic pieces that are placed into the bodice of your dress to add structure and support

Lining - the underneath fabric of your dress, sometimes exposed under lace, typically a soft and comfortable fabric since it is against your skin

Illusion - nude-colored mesh that can be found on the bodice, sides, and back of your dress (it blends in with your skin and helps hold the dress together and in place)

Ruching - when fabric is intentionally bunched and gathered together in a design

Take In - an alteration created by the seamstress that makes a dress smaller and tighter

Let Out - an alteration created by the seamstress that makes a dress looser and bigger

Take Up - an alteration created by the seamstress that makes the shoulder straps tighter and shorter


Mikado - a smooth, weighted, more structured fabric typically found in A-line styles to keep the shape

Crepe - a soft, slightly stretchy fabric that is more moveable, known for breathability and durability

Satin - a soft, shiny, smooth luxurious fabric that is very moveable

Chiffon - a semi-transparent, smooth fabric that is very flowy and soft

Organza - a semi-transparent, smooth fabric with a slight shine

Applique - a lace piece (such as a flower) that is attached on top of fabric in a 3D way

Tulle - a lightweight fabric that is sheer and delicate, very moveable


Blusher - refers to the part of the veil that covers the face

Elbow - a 32” veil that stops right at the elbow

Fingertip - a 38”-40” veil that stops right at the fingertip

Knee - a 38”- 40” veil that stops right at the fingertip

Floor - 48” veil that stops at your feet

Chapel - 85”-95” veil that extends 1-2 feet beyond your heels depending on how tall you are

Cathedral - 108”-120” veil that extends at least 3 feet beyond your heels

It's as simple as that! Consider this your bridal dictionary more or less. But don't worry, if you forget any of these, our Evermore girls are more than happy to fill you in.

Ready to practice this lingo and find your dream dress? We can't wait to see you in the shop soon!

xx the evermore girls


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