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This was some advice that my dad gave me years ago. Now, when he said this, he was literally referring to driving as I was headed back to school from visiting home for the weekend, but the moment he said this to me, I thought about how much I needed to apply this to a lot of areas in my life. When someone stays in the right lane on the highway, they are driving at their own pace.They aren't in a rush. They aren't concerned with what the other cars zooming past them are doing. They simply are staying in their own lane, the right lane. They are getting where they need to go at the time they are supposed to get there.

You see where I'm headed with this, right?

We are all living our own lives. What feels right to you may not be what other people are doing in their life at that moment. Maybe you want a really short engagement because it makes sense for you and your fiancé. Maybe you are living the single life right now when it seems like everyone else around you is getting engaged. Maybe you are only 19, but you are ready to marry the love of your life now. Or maybe you’re pregnant and want to wait to have your wedding until after you have your baby. It’s so tempting to speed ahead of where you are because other people might be doing it. But stay in the right lane.

Timing looks different for everyone, and giving yourself the freedom to embrace the timing for the things in your life will make those moments even sweeter and will allow you to enjoy the present season you are in. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to go at your own pace, even if everyone else seems like they are zooming past you. Just stay in the right lane.

xx madison

Photo Credit: Amber Morton Wedding Coordination, Grace Kay Photography, Photography Edit: Sarah Scoville, Enchanted Hills, Gloss Makeup and Hair, Paul Phillips Formal Wear

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