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Bride wearing wedding dress Zoie by Evie Young Bridal

Did you know that you can find 6 different designers at Evermore - all featuring their own spin on bridal with unique, modern, & fun dress details? We’ve intentionally curated a collection of styles that we know our evermore brides will love and each designer has a key role in delivering that! Today we are pulling back the curtain & talking all things Evie Young Bridal. Keep reading, modern bride, you’ll love this :)

Designed in Australia, Evie Young Bridal exists to create modern contemporary bridal gowns that represent the women who wear them. Individuality, boldness, and femininity are found in each & every style designed by Evie Young. Their collections are wildly and beautifully diverse, which is why so many of our evermore brides find their dream dress from them. Whether it’s exclusive laces, ethereal textures and fabrics, or innovative silhouettes, Evie Young never misses with any new collection they create.

Bride wearing wedding dress Sierra by Evie Young Bridal

One of our most favorite things about Evie Young is how customizable their styles are. Many of their dresses have detachable details such as long sleeves, off-the-shoulder straps, & belts, that give brides a “2-in-1” look. They also have a great shade range of underlay options for brides to choose for their dresses (ivory, sand, nude, mocha, latte, etc) giving each style a completely different look. Evie Young also does an amazing job at structuring each and every one of their gowns - they know exactly how to accentuate feminine curves in a way that still offers support where it's needed, which makes them a wonderful option for brides in any size from a 0 to a 30. Overall, Evie Young prices can range anywhere from $1600-$2600 depending on each style and order production time takes around 4 months.

As mentioned above, each collection from Evie Young is wildly diverse, so we wanted to break each one down and highlight the amazing features you can find in all of them starting with their most recent collection, Visions of Her. Curve hugging silhouettes, sleek crepe, and pearls in unexpected places, Visions of Her is a collection that has captured hearts at Evermore. Perfect for the bride who is going for an elegant, timeless, classy look on her wedding day.

(Top Left: Sydney, Top Middle: Hartley, Top Right: Stella, Bottom Left: Tate, Bottom Middle: Tate, Bottom Right: Senna)

Next is Evie Young’s Illumine collection. Bold, glamorous, and fun are three words that describe each style you’ll see from Illumine. Bold in silhouettes and patterns, glamorous in sparkles and shine, and fun in unique details, Illumine is perfect for the bride who wants to stand out, party all night, and feel fabulous.

(Top Left: Arden, Top Middle: Kennedy, Top Right: Ellis, Bottom Left: Mira, Bottom Middle: Penn, Bottom Right: Reagan)

Lastly are Evie Young’s collections The Outback and Blanc. We’ve grouped these two together because they are both boho, whimsical, and romantic. Think flowy skirts, bold & unique laces, and colored underlays. These collections are perfect for brides who want an effortless, laid-back, non-traditional look.

(Top Left: Winter, Top Middle: Serene, Top Right: Saffron, Bottom Left: Wren, Bottom Middle: Jolie, Bottom Right: Ziggy)

No matter what wedding vision or style you’re going for on your big day, Evie Young has a perfect dress to match. Which collection is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

xx the evermore girls

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