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Our Story

Evermore Bride was dreamed up from the idea that bridal should be more laid-back and personal. When the business was founded in 2021, a mission was set to provide modern brides with a curated collection of styles that are fun, unique, non-traditional, & beautiful.

We strive to create a light-hearted, relaxed, and intimate shopping experience, Evermore Bride exists to serve the modern bride by helping her find THE dress that not only embodies her unique, beautiful personality & style, but also matches her wedding vision and makes her even more excited to marry her best friend.

Evermore stylists are the modern bride’s guide, companion, hype woman, & advocate as she searches for the dress she’s always dreamed of. Sipping champagne with your favorite people, trying on modern bridal styles that feel unique to you, and celebrating you & your love is what it’s all about at Evermore Bride.


Meet the Evermore Girls 

Hi! So glad you're here!


My passion for bridal style began in college while I was studying fashion. I

fell hard for what a wedding dress represented for a bride; her unique beauty, her personal style, & her love story. My love for all things bridal has been growing ever since.

I dreamed of creating something lovely and unique for the modern bride. I wanted a bride to walk in & instantly feel at home, understood, & celebrated—



Owner + Curator


—so that’s what we’ve centered the Evermore experience around.

From your stylist who becomes your new bestie, to the private space for you & your loved ones to enjoy the moment together, to the intentionally curated collection of modern styles, Evermore Bride brings a new & fun way of doing bridal that we know you’ll love. I’m so excited to be sharing my dream with you.

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